The website is dedicated to writing student papers, which can be understood by the domain name, as well as by the name and photo of the site, which focuses the attention of visitors.

After the first visit to the main page of the site, a positive impression remained. For me, a design is always a priority, and here the design is just right – pleasant and unobtrusive.

Immediately, one feels care about the visitors (well, interest in customers, of course) – a window was opened with a proposal to leave a number so that they would call me back on the next working day (I called at night). If, however, return to working time, a window pops up with a proposal for consultation. What is very important and is often ignored by developers – here these windows adequately accept failures.

On the site is hard to get lost due to the sections and the lack of unnecessary information. There are live chat banners with customers, social networking pages and services provided. Advertising on the site is only internal and does not interfere using the site.

Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with:

  • What is a paper writing service ( homepage ). It describes how to use and additional features, benefits and results of using the service for students. Everything is illustrated with drawings and photographs.
  • Technical support of the site. Live chat with the service operator is available 24 hours a day.
  • The price. The opportunity to enter the number of pages, type of work and the term of writing the work and immediately find out the price. It is very convenient. Such an approach to pricing means that the price is the same for everyone and cannot be thought up inappropriately from the head.
  • Reviews. Stop reading reviews on sites!!! Site owners write positive reviews and remove negative comments on their own.
  • Ways to get the finished work: by email or any other way convenient for the client.

Their names, logos, addresses and phone numbers are indicated.

Contact information in the form of the phone number, e-mail and links to sites are at the top and bottom of the page. Below you can also find links to social networking pages.

As for the texts, they are composed well: small, everything is concise and competent. Images and videos are also worthy of quality: the original ones are not distracted from the subject matter.

In addition, the design of the site has to itself and correct it is successful and fully consistent with the topic. Fonts are readable, perceived normally, but still feeling as if something is missing. It occurs as a reaction to colors in some places: in the window with a proposal for consultation and where the advantages of the laser are described. This is not catastrophic, of course, but the improvement would hardly hurt. I would work with the brightness, so that the orange would not hurt the eyes during a long stay.

Out of curiosity, I asked about the price in a specially created window. Alas, instead of answering, I was offered to leave my phone. But what if I simply don’t have it, or because of certain reasons (from employment to a phobia or even dumbness) I can’t talk?

If I were a teacher, and a student website, he would receive a grade B. From me. The resource has everything (and quality produced) to achieve its goal and the comfort of guests, but not without flaws.

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