Site is a collection of unique examples of texts of the owner of the resource. The direction – a positive motivation for students and job seekers will learn how to write documents. Communication with the user of the resource occurs through a live chat and using blogs, united in the concept of “How to write an essay.”

The design

Does the design of the main page correspond with the slogan and the name of the site?

In my opinion, the main page is the only place to store important information, such as services, examples, price and technical support.

Color spectrum

Blue, white and red. The pen in the upper left corner. It seems that this design should immediately suggest the idea of wisdom and intellectuality. I guessed only a few days later that the smiling guy on the main page informing us the slogan of this company: “Get Professional Assistance from the world leading company of UK”.

Location banners references

It clearly corresponds to the slogan “the right system”. The system is captured from the first time, it also takes several visits to catch its presence.

General appearance

Creativity is visually very attractive.

What is the whole resource – can be understood from domain.

With such a low saturation, the contacts could be immediately placed in the upper right corner, although, in principle, they look great at the bottom of the page.

The main page generated a good attitude towards the resource in general . I did not want to leave this place, but I wanted to read further. The site is very large. It seems also that one big and friendly company is working on the site.

Permanent work with blogs.

Great lyrics. Interesting. The topics of the blog articles are very relevant and cause a heated discussion by the public. There are many fun motivating articles.

The site has no advertising, even modest.

If you follow the saying “judge each other on looks” we can conclude that the owner of the resource takes care of the first impression, preferring the content. However, I would not say that the site was not created at all for its graphic perception, on the contrary, it is easy to read. The font is visible at any design, there is no overload.

After a learning resource, I would give that website a solid B.

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