First impression

On the background of the site are pictures of the documents. When I first entered the main page, I immediately realized that in front of me was the essay writing service. The domain also says that it is professional essay writing service.

The design of the site corresponds to subject, and there is no color that distracts or repels from further acquaintance with its content. The font and its color is convenient for reading and does not strain the eyes.

During the visiting, I did not see advertising banners on the site. Although there are advertising spaces.

Navigation on the site is very clear. Everything is very simple and affordable.

Finding contact details was not difficult. On the main page posted concise text that contains information about the website. Also contact information is located below.

The logo of the site is very interesting. A logo is a must-have item that must be present on any site. By the way, it should be a picture and clickable. When clicking, the user must go to the main page and everything works on this site.

The site template consists of columns, while it has blocks, each of which carries value to the user. An examples, a blog are super useful blocks, as they do not carry important information and do not distract users of the site from the main goal of the site.

All site information is diluted by different pictures. Texts are readable. The editor does his job very well.

It is very difficult to say what is missing this site, except that more images. The site has enough:

  •     Proper formatting.
  •     Subheads.
  •     Lists.
  •     Quote
  •     Harmonious placement of images.

The image on the sites are good quality, but also requires adjustment and proper placement. I would add more contrast to the images and center them. I think that the size of the images should correspond to the width of the text on the page.

What rating will I give on this site? My rating: B with a fat “minus”.

Very interesting website and good design.

Since the site is very friendly to users, no advice is relevant here except images.

All texts on the site are structured, it have subtitles, lists, quotes and images.

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