As soon as the main page of the site opened, it immediately became clear that this is a site with an educational theme for students, people who are looking for work, writers.

Undoubtedly, the theme of the site is paper writing service, but not only. Judging by the names of the tabs in the upper horizontal row, the site’s activities are much wider. Here is a user forum where you can discuss issues related to the site’s activities, photo tabs and news videos, articles samples. You can find the most accurate and correct essay examples for self-writing. Besides an ordering coursework and information about them, the site also assumes lively and useful content.

The site is made in blue, gray and white colors. The tab buttons are highlighted with a white background. The titles are clearly visible. On the right is the resource registration form. On the left is the logo of, and below is information about what the site does and descriptions of the main activities. The style of presentation is available for perception, but the font is too small and it forces the user to switch to other tabs, without reading the important information to the end.

Going through the tabs of the site, I found a lot of interesting things. So, in the “Services” tab you can find a list of provided services and descriptions. The “Examples” tab is filled with categories and articles, and the “Payment” tab shows prices and terms of writing papers, there is also a tab with stories from real customers. In addition, there are tabs with stories from real customers about the use of the services presented, which may be interesting to many people. And at the end of the top horizontal row, the white profile tab of the “My Profile” tab is displayed.

The tab “For users” deserves more attention and contains many services for customers.


The fact that the site was not created in short time, but … there are a few points that need improvement and refinement.

The logo, in my opinion, is too intricate, although it looks like a noticeable spot and is large enough to attract attention. Many tests are written in small print. This may interfere with the reading.

But the feedback is awesome. For feedback, there is a special form which opens when you click on the corresponding button.

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