From the first seconds of being on the Pro-Papers, I received the impression of freshness, purity and dignity. Working in the educational field, the site team, apparently, wants to create associations with diligence, correctness. And I think the site does it. Thanks to the selection of colors. The dominant blue shade on a white-gray background looks on the one hand, restrained, on the other hand, fresh.

Navigation and content

Starting to explore the site, the first thing that struck me was the slogan on the main page in the center of the screen – “A custom paper writing service that is dedicated to providing papers of the highest quality within the given deadlines”. Next, I paid attention to the order button, how it works. And if the slogan is addressed to new visitors and immediately explains what the site is doing, the button “Order” will be convenient for regular customers.  Without carefully studying website pages, you can immediately send your contacts to technical support of the site call back. The main page is informative enough. Under the central unit with the slogan and the order button there are the following units:

  • Top quality papers
  • Professional writers
  • Free revisions
  • On-time delivery
  • Original & confidential
  • 24/7 Customer Support

This information alone is enough to immerse yourself in the exploration of informative and interesting information about solving problems with any kind of documents. It also attracts the menu and its division into clear sections. First, you can find out general information, then find out the prices for the provided services. The first three blocks contain brief information about the services. Undoubtedly, information from these sections will be interesting for new customers.

Contacts, contact forms

The site seemed to be very convenient in terms of customer interaction and technical support. Contacts for communication and address are located in the lower right of the screen, which is fixed along with the menu, and it is readily accessible at all the time. There is a form for chat with a site specialist at the bottom right. There are no other ways to communicate with the site, but there is no feeling of lack of these methods. The number of “points of convergence ” is enough, in my opinion. In addition, there are no intrusive advertising services, pop-up banners, flashing sliders, etc.


I liked the informative and accessible presentation of information on the site. On the one hand, everything is written in understandable language. On the other hand, the information is sufficiently specified, the service description is detailed and a good example of writing an essay is presented. Attracts an abundance of photo content. There are examples on every page.

Final impression

Summarizing my study of this site, I can say that I like it. Everything is designed in the general style. It is clear that they have worked hard enough on the site and its cognition. All information that could be of interest to future and current customers is available on the site. The site is positioning itself as a conceptual center for writing paper works, working on advanced technologies. And the impression from the site remains exactly that. Private opinion

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